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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:41 am

Hello everybody,

Since the yearbook that we've printed in 1998 ten years have past. In those ten years the following things happened to me:

April 1999: Our first child is born, Merel (she is 8 years old now)
August 1999: I fell in love with Koen
June 2001: our daughter Malou is born (she is 6 years old now)
May 2002 Koen and I are getting married
August 2002: our son Fabio is born (he is 5 years old now)
November 2002: We are emigrating to Portugal, Koen starts working as a manager of a Gerbera glasshouse
August 2004: our son Tiago is born (he is 3 years old now)
September 2004: I start working as a teacher for Dutch children in Portugal for two days a week.

Besides teaching I am working in the glasshouse one day a week.

I am really curious what everybody else is doing at the moment, so post a new topic about your live here!

Lots of love Maaike.

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